Fee Tariff - BSc

B.Sc. Engineering Programs

Breakdown Rs.
One Time Fee  
Admission Fee* 27,000
Registration Fee 4,000
Security Deposit 10,000
Sub Total (A) 41,000
Semester Fee  
Tuition Fee 67,500
Allied Charges 18,100
Sub Total (B) 85,600
TOTAL (A+B) 126,600

* Includes cost of two pairs of uniform and a blazer.
- Tuition fee for Summer Semester is Rs. 3,000/- per credit hour.
- For graduating student’s degree issuance fee will be adjusted from security deposit.
- There will be an annual increase in tuition fee per semester of Rs. 4,000/- for all Engineering Disciplines.
- All expenses are in Pakistan Rupees.

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