Mechatronics is a significant stage in the evolutionary process of modern engineering. The development of computers, microcomputers, embedded systems, smart sensors and the associated information technology has made Mechatronics an essential technological field in the latter part of the twentieth century. In the twenty first century, we are witnessing advances in integrated bio-electromechanical systems, quantum computers, nano and pico systems, smart transportation, intelligent systems etc., that make the future of Mechatronics full of potential and bright possibilities. Engineers and scientists from all walks of life and fields of study can contribute to Mechatronics Engineering. As the engineering and science boundaries become less well defined, students will seek a multi-disciplinary education with a strong design component.

Advances in traditional disciplines fuel the growth of Mechatronics Systems by providing “enabling technologies”, which mostly include:

  • Advanced Embedded Systems and Image Processing Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
  • Nano and Micro-Electromechanical Systems (NEMS and MEMS)
  • Data Acquisition Systems and Smart Sensors
  • Humanoid and Bio-Inspired Robotics

The department aims to teach and train undergraduate students with the flexibility to select from a wide spectrum of career choices and contribute to the industry in a variety of roles. The department also aims to develop skills to design and execute different Mechatronics projects and formulate processes and techniques to carry such design problems effectively. Mechatronics Engineering graduates are equipped with the knowledge of different technological domains that include:

  • Electronics and Logic Design
  • Manufacturing Processes and Machine Design Techniques
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Industrial Automation and CNCs
  • Instrumentation & Control Theory
  • Micro-Processors and Embedded Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics


Mechatronics engineering being an industry driven curriculum has gained a unique importance and found a well-deserved space in engineering curricula. Mechatronics engineer are considered to have more opportunities as this engineering discipline incorporates mechanical, electrical and computer sciences in a synergistic fashion. Therefore, mechatronics engineers are better equipped to handle complicated tasks as they are having deep understanding and concept of the three major fields.

Field of mechatronics engineering mainly deals with the design, implementation and improvement of high-tech products and systems. It is expected that mechatronics engineers will have better opportunities in industrial world with every passing year.

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