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Research Intensive University

UW will be transforming into research intensive University based on research publications and projects. In the current year only, 58 research proposals were submitted to NRPU, NCGSA, PSF, National Injury Research Grant (Agha Khan University), and RASTA (PIDE) and IGNITE projects granted to final year BS students. Impact Factor of the published papers from 01 June, 2021 till 30 June 2021 is 30.113 and the total Impact Factor in the year 2021 is 103.61. The Impact Factor for the years 2019 and 2020 was 196.585 and 242.546, respectively. Researchers in the Active Researchers’ list for the year 2021 to date are 63 in number.

UW participated in Grand Challenge Fund (GCF), worth Rs 2,495,340/-, for the first time in collaboration with GIK Institute and Wah Industries Limited (WIL).

The details of titles, PIs, Co-PIs and the amount of the projects submitted during the current year is stipulated as under:

Research Grants 2021

National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) by HEC
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
1 Analytical and experimental analysis of fretting wear in shell and tube heat exchanger for better prediction of operational life Dr. Shahab Khushnood - 19,870,554
2 Development of an A-I based Tool for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of a Manufacturing Plant/Machinery Dr. Adnan Tariq Dr. Waseem Shehzad 18,917,509
3 Factors Effecting Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Initiatives: An Analysis and Way forward Dr. Anam Javeed 1. Dr. Nasir Mehmood 2. Dr. Faiza Saleem 18,912,939
4 Neutrino cooling and decay rates for important weak interaction nuclei for core-collapse supernova simulations Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi Dr. Muhammad Riaz 18,649,550
5 Role of Gender Differences and Financial Innovation in Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges in Pakistan Dr. Faiza Saleem 1. Dr. Nasir Mehmood 2. Dr. Shafqat Mukarram 18,509,193
6 Influence of guidance and counseling on students’ locus of control, self esteem and academic performance of public and private sector universities of Punjab Dr. Wajiha Kanwal - 17,395,000
7 Education and Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Transgender Dr. Rukhshanda Mushtaq Ms Uzma Khalid Ghori 16,169,400
8 Waste Water Remediation: Design of sustainable membranes hybrid membranes to mitigate hazardous pollutants. Dr. Humaira Razzaq Dr. Faiza Asghar 14,994,986
9 Real Time Application for Space Occupied Lesion of Brain Segmentation and Classification Using Quanvolutional Neural Network (QNN) Dr. Javeria Amin - 14,612,520
10 Synthesis of Naphthopyran Derivative from “Rhinacanthusnasutus” for evaluation of anticancer activity. Dr. Zaheer Ahmad - 13,519,454
11 Synthesis and Antidiabetics type-II Evaluation of Chiral and Achiral Imidazole and Indole based Heterocyclic Compounds Dr. Faisal Nawaz - 13,267,344
12 Biomimetic Hydrogel Nanocomposites for Injectable Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Applications Dr. Mussamir Khan Dr. Fawad Ahmad 12,560,497
13 Evaluation of antimicrobial resistance, virulence factors and horizontal gene transfer in S. aureus isolated from COVID-19 patients Dr. Muhammad Idreees Ms. Zeenat Haq 11,940,000
14 Shifting Teachers to Teach Online: Continuing teaching During School Closure Dr. Nasrullah - 11,697,440
15 Plant based synthesis of vaccine antigen against mycobacterial pathogen in transplastomic tomato plants. Dr. Syed Waqas Hassan - 10,235,680
16 Tuning the Dielectric Properties of ZnO Base Nano-Structures Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghazanfar - 9,219,438
17 Production of L-asparaginase from potential probiotic bacteria: In vitro investigation of anticancer, antioxidant and anti proliferative activities of the purified enzyme using different cell lines Dr. Shumaila Naz - 9,163,748
18 Role of corianderum sativum in male reproduction Dr. Razia Bibi - 7,468,415
19 Synthesis of new ferrocene functionalized surfactants as potent corrosion inhibitors. Dr. Faiza Asghar Dr. Humaira Razzaq 7,425,120
20 Manufacturing of Hydrogels by Grafting Natural Polysaccharides for Removal of Heavy Metal Present in Water and Design of Absorber for Its Commercial / industrial Applications Dr. Khurrum Shehzad Baig Mr. Umar Mushtaq 6,862,020
21 Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals From Industrial Waste Water by Low Cost Sorbents. Dr. Shazia Naheed - 5,779,033
22 Efficiency enhancement of cellulose based Polyziridine blended Diyalysis Membrane Dr. Hizba Waheed 1 . Dr. Fawad Ahmed 2. Dr. Sarah Farrukh 5,645,200
23 Drone base early agricultural disaster detection and emergency alert model using AI techniques Dr Ayesha Saddiqa Mr. Mohaibullah 4,427,560
24 Preparation of bifunctional catalyst for boosting fuel cell catalysis Dr. Fawad Ahmad Dr. Musammir Khan 3,763,276
25 An Agent- Based Conflict Resolutioin Model for Water Resources Management: Case Study of Pakistan’s Indus Basin Dr. Shahmir Janjua Dr. Aftab Sadiq 3,696,000
26 Development of agro-biomass based cellulose Nano-Crystals (CNCs)/Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) 3-D Composite Sponges for Cost Effective Local Waste – Water Treatment for Organic Pollutant Removal Dr. Saleem Iqbal Ms Rabia Sabir 3,045,416
27 Smart Home Appliance Automation System with Gesture Recoginition Dr. Sohaira Ahmad - 2,860,800
28 New Semi-Analytical Techniques for Dynamical Systems Dr. Qazi Mahmood Ul Hassan Dr. Tasawar Abbas 2,679,144
29 Soliton Solutions of Nonlinear Real World problems Using Analytical Techniques Dr. Muhammad Shakeel - 2,391,142
30 Flipping the Classroom: Measuring the Impact of A Flipped Classroom on Student Achievement and Cognitive Load Levels in the Context of Online Teaching and Learning Dr Samina Rashid Dr Noman Aftab 994,680
31 Controlling Academic Procrastination of University Students by Using Psychological Capital Intervention Model Dr Noman Aftab Mr. Maaz Ahmed 851,100


National Center of GIS and Space Applications (NCGSA) by Institute of Space Technology
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
32 Assessment of water resources availability for long term abstraction from Industrial area of selected Potohar Region under water scarce condition using GIS and Remote Sensing Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad - 13,700,000
33 Study of Gamma Ray Heating and Effective Beta Decay Rates for Supernovae Simulations Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi Dr. Muhammad Riaz 11,580,000
34 Design and Development of a System for Monitoring, Controlling, Protection and Quality Improvement of RTU/IoT Based Automated Substation Using PLC & SCADA Mr. Kashif Iqbal - 8,939,000
35 Real Time Smart Metering for Power Factor Improvement Using PLC Ms. Ayla Safdar Ms. Anas Ibrar 7,106,000


National Injury Research Competition by The Agha Khan University
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
37 Antibacterial effect of Metal doped Hydroxyapatite on S. aureus strains associated with Osteomyelitis in bone injury cases Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghazanfar Dr. Muhammad Idrees 2,000,000
38 Bacterial infections in fall related traumatic injuries in patients suffering of type 2 diabetes Dr. Muhammad Idrees Dr. Syed Waqas Hassan 2,000,000
39 Alleviating post-injury psychological distress: Development and validation of an indigenous training program To help medical professionals reduce psychological distress of Patients with injury Dr. Samina Rashid Mr. Maaz Ahmed 2,000,000
40 Internet Based Intervention- ERITA for NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self-Injury) Dr. Noman Aftab Ms. Sheeza Mahak 1,953,000
41 Design, Development and Control of a Smart, Reconfigurable Wheel Chair Dr. Adnan Tariq Dr. Waseem Shehzad 1,951,600
42 Real Time Application for Screening and Localization of COVID-19 using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Dr. Javeria Amin Prof. Dr. M. Almas Anjum 1,874,500
43 Drone based early agricultural disaster detection and emergency alert model using ai techniques (d3) Prof. Dr. M. Almas Anjum Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa 1,529,000
44 Skin Alignment Detection and Prevention using Smart Mirror Dr. Qaiser Ayub - 1,055,000
45 Resource aware routing protocols for city based Environments via IOT Dr. Qaiser Ayub - 1,035,000
46 Intentional and unintentional injuries in Pakistani women of Different altitude aged 1-35 years Dr. Khuda Sarwar - 605,000


RASTA Competitive Grants Program for Policy-oriented Research by Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
48 Tariff, Protection Policy and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): A tax heaven analysis Dr. Asma Arif Ms. Baserat Sultana 3,897,520
49 Politics of External Debt Management and Economic Growth in Pakistan Dr. Asma Arif Mr. Abdul Mansoor 3,353,680
50 Fruits and Vegetables Diseases Recognition and Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks Dr. Javeria Amin Prof. Dr. M. Almas Anjum 3,127,080


Product development through indigenous research and innovation by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF)
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
51 Polymeric membranes for dialysis operation with enhanced performance Dr. Hizba Waheed Dr. Faisal Nawaz 15,000,000


Competitive Research Programme by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF)
No Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
52 Biodegradable and Functionalized Biocompatible Polymers as Precursors for Fabrication of Composite Hydrogels as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds and Injectable Biomaterials Dr. Musammir Khan Dr. Fawad Khan 10,000,000
53 To study the current practices of disposal of face mask being used for prevention of COVID-19 virus. Dr. Muhammad Idrees Ms. Zeenat Haq 2,967,000
54 Effect of Personal Protective equipment (PPE) Waste on Environment and its Management in Pakistan Dr. Imran Rais Mr. Abdul Mansoor 2,000,000
55 Production of diesel using waste glucose bottles at hospitals Dr. Khurrum Shehzad Baig Mr. Umar Mushtaq 1,950,000
56 Smart Mirror for Skin Aliment Detection and Prevention Dr. Qaiser Ayub Mr. Mohaibullah 1,550,000
57 Polysulphone based nanocomposite membranes for the simultaneous removal of heavy metal ions and textile dyes by water. Dr. Humaira Razzaq - 1,000,000
58 Photo catalytic degradation of solid / liquid waste Dr. Fawad Khan Dr. Musammir Khan 1,000,000
59 Development of Virtual Manufacturing Enterprise - Dr. Adnan Tariq Dr. Waseem Shehzad 2,495,340

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